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So superbro Liz Baillie wrote up this awesome post about Cross Country so to return the favor, I'm writin' about Freewheel!

Man, I could tell you about how awesome this is, but while pretty awesome already, IT HAS NOT YET EVEN BEGUN TO GET AS AWESOME AS IT IS GOING TO BE. A while back, before band practice (to give you some idea of how far back) Liz and I were having donuts in my kitchen and talking comics, and I got to hear the whole Freewheel deal. So apparently Liz and I read a lot of similar books as kids, and Freewheel is inspired by like all my favorite adventure stories, with a side of fucking around in the woods and climbing trees. And if you were sitting in the studio with us, with our walls of pages pinned up, you would be watching Liz literally getting better with every new page. I'm afraid of saying too much, because I know too many spoilers, but if you haven't yet, start reading Freewheel.


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